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Welcome to the on-line information and guidance for Purchase Ordering in uBASE


These materials are designed to help you understand the principles behind the finance systems at the University, and to support you in using the uBASE system for purchase ordering.

Access to the uBASE purchase ordering profile is only available after you've attended the formal training course. Information about registering for the course is available here. Please note: you won't be able to attend the course unless we have received an authorised profile request form. Once you've attended the course we'll update your profile and send you an email to let you know. You then need to follow the information in the 'Accessing  uBASE' section below to get into the system and set your password. All Purchase Orderers are required to attend the VAT for Orderers Course within eight weeks (either before or after) of receiving their Profile. Information about registering for the course is available here.

The training materials are here to help you by providing a resource to return to if you hit a problem, or you can't remember how to do something in the future. We recommend that everyone should firstly watch the overview presentations which are in the 'Getting Started' section below.  The overview presentations (in the 'Getting Started' section) don't have any sound, so you can watch these without disturbing colleagues in your work environment.

Need help?  Follow the links in the 'Help and Support' section below to get additional help, or ask a question in uSpace for Purchasing.

Accessing uBASE

Accessing uBASE


  • You won't be able to access uBASE until your profile has been updated.


  • Once you receive notification that your profile(s) has been activated you'll need to change your password. To use uBASE you should logon to Synchronise your Passwords.


  • uBASE is available by logon through MUSE on the Staff Applications Channel, in Business Applications. It is much quicker and simpler to use uBASE through the downloadable GUI or through the managed desktop.


  • Please note: If you are logging in from home or off-campus then you will need to set up a VPN connection. See here for instructions on how to do this.


  • If you experience any problems with MUSE, the GUI or VPN please contact the CiCS Helpdesk.

    Profiles in myPurchase and uBASE

    Profiles in myPurchase and uBASE


    In myPurchase and uBASE the term PROFILES is used to describe a function or number of functions that a user is able to undertake.

    Access to myPurchase and uBASE profiles is dependent on:

    • users having received training for the profile(s) they need
    • receipt in the Finance department of a signed profile request form


    Profiles relating to purchasing are restricted by user, these are the combination of purchasing profiles which are allowed:


    • Requisitioner (myPurchase) and Approver (myPurchase)
    • Requisitioner (myPurchase) and Orderer (uBASE)
    • Requisitioner  (myPurchase) and Goods Receipter* (myPurchase/uBASE)
    • Approver (myPurchase) and Goods Receipter (uBASE)


    * The Goods Receipter role is predominantly a uBASE role, although requisitioners can receipt the items they've requested through the 'Confirm Goods/Services' option in myPurchase.

    Purchase Ordering User Guidance

    User Guidance


    Purchase Ordering - user guidance notes


    Purchase Ordering - powerpoint presentation used in training course


    Purchase Ordering - extract from user notes (guidance on what to change on a Purchase Order)


    Purchase Ordering - additional information to include for travel, accommodation, hospitality (including catering) and event orders


    Purchase Ordering - guidance on Internal Trade Orders


    Purchase Ordering - guidance for Purchase Orderers on using myCatalogue


    Purchase Ordering - guidance on selecting only one storage location for myCatalogue purchases


    Purchase Ordering - guidance on changing myCatalogue orders for VAT errors

    Purchase Ordering - set up printing from uBASE


    Purchase Ordering - powerpoint presentation used in VAT for orderers course

    Getting Started

    Getting Started


    Before you get started you should watch each of the overview presentations (links below) to get an understanding of how the information flows through the financial systems of myPurchase and uBASE. Even though you won't be responsible for all of these tasks, your actions will impact on other people and, it will help you understand what is happening at each stage of the process if you see how everything fits together.



    Financial Regulations


    It is your responsibility to make sure that you understand and comply with the University's Financial Regulations


    Regulation 1.8 "Compliance with the Financial Regulations is compulsory for all Officers and members of staff of the University and its subsidiary  companies by virtue of a Regulation of the Council.  A member of staff  who fails to comply with the Financial Regulations may be subject to  disciplinary action under the University´s disciplinary procedures.  It is the responsibility of the Heads of Departments (Academic and Professional Services) to ensure that their staff understand the content of the Financial Regulations and that access to the Regulations is made available." The University's Financial Regulations are here.

    Using uBASE to Review and Monitor Purchasing

    Using uBASE to Review and Monitor Purchasing


    Use uBASE to:


    • Find Purchase Orders with Blocked Invoices (MRBR)



    • Resolve problems on the GR/IR account (MB5S)


    • Find a vendor in uBASE (MK03)


    • Find a Purchase Order by:


    • project code (ME2J)
    • cost centre code (ME2K)
    • vendor (ME2L)
    • purchasing group (ME2N)
    • material group (ME2N)
    • delivery date or open delivery (ME2N)
    • purchase order or purchase order type (ME2N)



    Help and Support

    Get Help and Support


    Contact the myPurchase and uBASE Helpdesk

    The helpdesk is staffed by a number of people, not all of whom are always at a desk with a telephone, so please contact the helpdesk by email wherever possible: E:


    Contact the Payments Team in Finance

    A member of the payments team supports each department by processing  supplier invoices and credit notes, issuing duplicate remittance advices and advising on ad hoc invoicing queries for your Academic or Professional Services Department.

    Ask a question in uSpace

    Either post a question here on the training space, or in the Purchasing Space.


    Find out more information through uSpace

    Updates about the system, advice on error messages and purchasing changes are posted in the Purchasing Space. Or you can ask your own question.


    Find out more on the web

    The finance website has loads of information about purchasing at the University. There is guidance on Tax and VAT, Procurement Guidance, Finance for Research Projects, Information about requesting a new vendor, Finance Support Contacts for your Academic Department, or Professional Services Department.


    Help in your department

    Further guidance may be provided by your department about specific procedures they need you to follow. Many users in departments have been working with myPurchase and uBASE for a number of years and they will also be able to help with any problems you may have.