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Post first published on Squire Morley blog.


Last Friday was an interesting day. I  was tipped off by a colleague, Paul Leman, about the Kahn Academy when  he sent me a link to Glen  Moody’s blog post. At first sight the Kahn Academy looked like a  fantastic resource, with 1000+ videos on various topic for students of  all ages. But being one who never takes things on face value, I wanted  to check things out and see what others were saying about this resource.  That’s when I found David  Wiley’s post which explained how there was no Creative Commons  license attached to the content. I had a look and he seemed to be right.  David had written to Sal Kahn the creator of the Kahn Academy  previously, but he decided to drop him a further email. Then, as is  evident from the comments David received on his post, everyone was  immensely pleased to see that by the end of that day Sal had acted on  David’s call and prominently displayed the CC license on the Kahn  Academy homepage making it an OER for reuse, remixing, sharing, etc. I  immediately embedded this video in my Daily Interests  blog under the title Education for the World until I had  time to write in more detail.



Now I have to take my hat off to Sal Kahn for a truly immense  resource. What he has achieved with the Kahn Academy is nothing short of  incredible. Single handedly generating instructional videos covering  subjects including:



What a wealth of information. This has to be place in the category  alongside Academic  Earth and Udemy.


This story excites me on a number of levels. Perhaps one of the most  significant is the difference anyone can make by openly publishing  knowledge online to freely educate others. It’s an approach I’m trying  to take myself to make a difference, however small; it is something that  I passionately believe in. More power to anyone and everyone doing the  same.